Stylish Ideas for Every Ocassion

Make the day you say "I do" absolutely special-and absolutely extraordinary. Whether creating a black tie affair in a candle-lit ballroom or with bare feet under an arbor in a vineyard, the perfect wedding is only perfect to the extent that it's your personal style. JMG Design will ensure a perfectly created event -- carried off with style, finesse, and individuality. We can design the day of your lives with memories to last a lifetime. Contact us at for more information about our design services.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Heavenly Blue

Create an elegant look for your special day circa 1950's

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fall Wedding Colors

Harvest time and autumn foliage as a source for your wedding color inspiration. Warm, rich colors of russet, ochre, and moss green are inviting and appropriately represent the time of year, as does metallics and jewel tones.

Friday, August 1, 2008


The huppah—meaning 'that which covers or floats above'—is a canopy supported by poles. It is a sign of God's presence at the wedding and in the home, and it symbolizes the home the bridal couple will establish together. While the huppah represents the emotional, physical and spiritual transition in the lives of the new couple, its frailness mirrors the fragility of peace within the home. Maybe you're the bride, or the mother of the bride. Maybe you're Jewish, or maybe you're not, but your groom is! A huppah is traditional in a Jewish wedding, but it is not halakah (Jewish law)—it is more of a custom. This beautiful tradition is easy to incorporate into your wedding plans, whether you will be married in a synagogue or elsewhere, indoors or outside, in a ceremony as traditional or as modern as you choose. A huppah is a great way to incorporate the traditions of older generations into today... or, a great way to start a tradition of your very own


Orchids are ideal cut flowers as they last for up to a week and hold their shape. Available naturally in whites, greens and purples you can also find white ones dyed in all colors such as vibrant blue.